Meet the team

Lana has been with Nutrena feeds for just over two years. Lana learned from a young age that chickens added an element of fun to life. Growing up on a small dairy farm, having a flock of chickens was a welcome distraction from the constant cattle chores. She graduated with a degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota in 2008. After spending several years working primarily in the cow business, she now enjoys the excitement and “fun” nature of poultry. She and her husband have a hobby farm where they have chickens (Rhode Island Reds, Amberlinks, Easter Egger, Wellsummer), pigs, and one chicken-chasing dog named Oliver. With a passion for science, you can trust that Lana’s blogs will be based on reputable research and insights, balanced with a dose of reality.

Elise has been with Nutrena feeds since August 2014 and has a special place in her heart for all things poultry. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelors degree in Animal Science and Agriculture Business Management and has since been involved with 4H groups, taught beginner poultry courses at local community colleges and worked directly with customers at poultry events. She runs a 5.5 acre hobby farm where she keeps a small flock of 14 hens and Roofus, the manly Old English game Bantam rooster (who is absolutely king of the castle).  She has a mixture of her favorite breeds that include Brahmas, Barred Rocks, Marans and Easter Eggers.  Elise also raises Kiko goats, has two older, retired horses, barn cats and 6 dogs (that include 3 working Livestock Guardian Dogs). Although she has a passion for all species she finds great joy in interacting with her flock at home as well as helping other “crazy chicken people,” get started raising happy, healthy chickens.

Twain  To some people, being called a chicken is an insult. To Twain Lockhart, (aka Mr. Cluck), it is a compliment. Twain has over 40 years of experience raising and handling chickens, starting as a youngster in 4-H and FFA. He studied animal husbandry and has 17+ years of experience as a feed store owner, specializing in poultry feed. Today, Twain (Mr. Cluck) is a poultry specialist for Nutrena feeds and loves to talk turkey, and duck, and chicken and pheasant and quail, about poultry. Mr. Cluck brings a very practical, hands-on approach to raising chickens and enjoys helping others with their “chicken addictions.”