7 Replies to “Test Your Chick IQ – Quiz 1”

  1. Question 4 is a trick question – Yes you can tell the difference on female and male chicks from hatchlings by look – depending on the breed of bird! Sexlinks are color difference between male and female. Some breeds you can tell with a white/light spot on their heads – then others the only way you can tell is feather sexing and so forth!!!!!! TRICK QUESTION!

    1. Quickly and for the general chicken-keeping public is how I answered it — even though I knew there are real “Chicken Pros” out there, who can tell these things, as you just said.

  2. The answer to #2 is “the white, the yolk, and the germinal disk become the chick.”

  3. #3 and #4 are technically not limted to the choices you allowed. SOme chicks are sexlinked and CAN be sexed at hatch…and every double yolk Ive ever incubated ended up being twins.

  4. Anybody who has raised numerous chicks can tell from as young as a few days old. When you know your breed, you can tell gender.

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