5 Replies to “Test Your Chick IQ – Quiz 2”

  1. Question 5 is incorrect! There is only one breed of chicken listed and spelled correctly. One of the answers is the name of a group of different chicken breeds. This question needs to be either fixed or replaced.

    1. Hi Gina,
      Thank you for the call-out and our apologizes for this mistake! We’ve updated the question to reflect correct spelling and correct answers. We so appreciate you catching the error so future quiz-takers don’t run into the same issue. Thanks again!

  2. Sorry for question#1 in Upstate NY During chick months (Feb-April) You really NEED to leave them in the brooder with heat for at LEAST 12 weeks or you are going to have frozen chicks! My chicks will be 10 weeks old (still in brooder) and still have heat when needed as tomorrow will be 20° F… I don’t want frozen chicks.

    1. Hi Ginny! Thank you for catching that, we’ve adjust for future quiz takers! Appreciate the call out!

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