Chicken Raising FAQ’s, Part 1

Wondering if you need a rooster to get a hen to lay eggs, how many chickens you should get, if you can have too many chickens, how long chickens live, or what the current Guinness World Record is for the oldest chicken?  Check out this video featuring Nutrena Poultry Consultant Twain Lockhart for all your answers!

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2 Replies to “Chicken Raising FAQ’s, Part 1”

    1. Hi Johnny,
      Chickens will stop laying due to various factors. In the fall, shortening daylength tells them to decrease or stop laying. When they molt they will stop laying as well. Also, other environmental factors can cause a chicken to cease laying for a time – things like severe weather (hot, cold or storms), loud unusual noises (think construction), a threatening predator, etc. can all take attention away from laying. In addition, parasites or other health problems can result in less eggs as well. Hope this helps!

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