Chicken Raising FAQ’s, Part 2

Wondering how many eggs your chickens will lay, why chickens lay different sized eggs, or how to tell if eggs are still good? Check out this video featuring Nutrena Poultry Consultant Twain Lockhart for all your answers!

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4 Replies to “Chicken Raising FAQ’s, Part 2”

  1. Wondering why my hens Purebred Road Island Reds and a couple of CuCu Morans are now having much lighter almost white eggs. They are still getting the same brand of lay crumbles and food scraps. Done with molting. All seem healthy. Odd why these eggs are now not dark brown. Do you think I need a ink refill……..

    1. 🙂 Yep, the ink cartridge is running low… The color of the eggs can vary greatly and decreased pigmentation can be caused by a combination or one single factor. Some of the causes of light colored egg shells are stress, age, medication and sickness. This article is pretty short and sweet and gives an explanation of loss of pigmentation. You can follow this link to read it:

  2. I feed Nutrena now, the Feather Fixer, my chickens are having more than usual runny stools all day . Same food, some are moulting, hens have moulted in the past years, but, never this problem. Any suggestions or areas of reasearch I can browse thru?. Oh, the Loyall Senior Dog food is fantastic and also the cat food.

    Sandi Ruscetta


    1. Sandi, it could be that changing their feed has caused a bit of upset – anticipate that would settle down in a week or so. The higher protein in Feather Fixer may be the culprit. A gradual transition is always recommended.

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