Meet Molly Cooper!

Have you been noodling with the idea of starting your own backyard chicken flock lately? Not sure what your next step is? Well, have we got a treat for you!

Meet our latest Nutrena® character: Molly Cooper. She’s our go-to gal for all things backyard poultry, and represents the poultry hobbyist who’s been raising chickens for a few years. Here at Nutrena, we’ll be using Molly to bring you the information you need to know before starting your own backyard flock.

Through our four-part video series, Molly Cooper will provide her top tips on picking the right feed for your flock, she’ll share what to buy when housing your flock, and she’ll even give her ideas on what breeds would work best for you.

Keep an eye on Scoop from the Coop and the Nutrena Chicken and Poultry Feed Facebook page for tips and tricks. For now, watch the first video to get to know Molly!

2 Replies to “Meet Molly Cooper!”

  1. Well – A year ago I tried to locate locally Nutrena fee for my girls. I could not locate a local organic feed. I finally found some feed at Tractor Supply and some organic scratch also. Thanks anyway – Have a nice day. Jimmy

    1. Hi Jimmy!
      Thank you for your comment! Have you tried our Dealer Locator tool on our website? If not, here is that link:

      We also have a great line for those looking for Organic and Non-GMO feeds called NatureSmart. If you’d like more information on that line of feed, check out this page:

      Best of luck with your feathered friends!

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