Non GMO Chicken Feed. Wouldn’t Ya Know, Nature Smart® Is Now Non-GMO!

Non-GMO chicken FeedsNew Non-GMO label: Nutrena Nature Smart®

At Nutrena, we appreciate hearing what you like most about our different lines of feed, but we also welcome feedback for what you’d like us to add for your girls.

In our most recent research, 64 percent of poultry hobbyists were “very interested” in a non-GMO offering from Nutrena.

We’re happy to announce that our Nature Smart® line will now be labeled non-GMO in addition to being a long-standing USDA-certified organic product line.

We’ve fulfilled requirements to be labeled as a non-GMO backyard poultry feed, and after careful review of the production and formulation practices of Nature Smart, we’re able to stand confidently behind a non-GMO label without changing the feed you’ve come to know.

Same Product, New Label

The best part about this new non-GMO label is that the feed you’ve become accustom to remains the same — the formulation is the same as it’s always been. Because the Nature Smart line has been USDA-certified organic for quite some time, the product has been made without the use of GMOs since the beginning.

According to the USDA National Organic Program — Agricultural Marketing Service, for all products certified as USDA-organic, the use of GMOs is prohibited. To meet the USDA organic standards, farmers and processors must prove they are not using GMOs and that their crop is protected from any prohibited substances. The USDA conducts on-site inspections to ensure that farmers are following their organic-system plan. Having had the USDA-certified organic label for years, Nature Smart meets the above requirements.

Nutrena Nature Smart non-GMO green stamps will appear on packages in the marketplace as soon as March, with a new non-GMO label appearing in the summer.

Continuing Choice

This announcement adds another layer of choice to our line of Nutrena poultry feeds. Because the Nature Smart formula remains unchanged, your girls will continue to find the same premium, healthy choice they love, with the added benefit of being certified non-GMO.

As a brand, Nutrena aligns with the full spectrum of consumer choice, and is a one-source supplier of natural (as defined by AAFCO), organic, economical, soy-free and omega-3 feed offerings.

It’s important for us at Nutrena to listen to the feedback we hear from you and make improvements to meet your needs.

We will continue to listen to your feedback across product lines, and develop our portfolio when possible as the needs of you, your family and your girls evolve.

4 Replies to “Non GMO Chicken Feed. Wouldn’t Ya Know, Nature Smart® Is Now Non-GMO!”

  1. You need to quit targeting the yuppie chicken market and give equal time to normal country folks using normal chicken feed, ie, Lay Pellets and Whole Oats. You’re pricing yourself out of normal people’s budget. I have 200 chickens and have started spot buying as result looking for more bang for the buck. I can buy a 50 lb sack of Lay Pellets for $13.99. I spend about$3,000 yearly on my flock’s feed.

    1. Hi Fred,
      Thank you for your comment. We are always glad to hear candid feedback from customers regarding our poultry products. Because we know that we have consumers with different needs, we have positioned Nature Smart as a unique line of poultry feed for those looking for USDA-certified organic and non-GMO feeds – an ask we have been hearing from customers for some time. Keep in mind this is just one line of poultry feed we offer. We also proudly offer our Country Feeds line and NatureWise line. Both of which, come at a price point many times very similar to what you’re currently paying. Make no mistake, we are committed to customers like you for the long haul. We’re also committed, however, to filling a need within the market place to the stores we sell to. It will be very rare on this blog, Scoop from the Coop, that you will find product-specific announcements such as this one. We do our best to provide educational, quality information to chicken owners of all types. But wanted to share this exciting label update with our readers.

      For more information about our Country Feeds and Nature Wise line of products which you may be interested in, visit


    1. Lynn, that’s a great and common question! Nature Smart is USDA-certified organic and non-GMO. USDA Certified Organic feeds are produced without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They also adhere to strict standards that support the health and vitality of the land as well as your flock. The USDA Organic program does not allow the use of genetically modified ingredients. So, Nature Smart is both USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO. It would be possible, however, for a product to be non-GMO but not organic.

      To learn more about GMOs and the USDA Certified Organic program, please visit


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