Providing Water for Chickens

Water is essential for the health of your chickens. Ensuring a clean, fresh, consistent source of water, no matter what season, is one of the best ways you can care for your birds.

Watch this video for a quick lesson on the importance of water for your flock, from Nutrena Consultant Twain Lockhart:

Thank you for watching, and leave a comment or question below if you have one!

4 Replies to “Providing Water for Chickens”

  1. No electric to coop at this time. I pulled overnight waterer out of very small coop to keep moisture down in the coop, as per another site I was on yesterday. There was a frost here in middle Tennessee last night, which seems unusual at this time in October. Any suggestions? I just gave them warm water this morning with some warm scrambled egg/oatmeal gruel alongside their regular feed. Thank you.

  2. Can hens learn to drink from a nibbler type water dripper? It would seem to be cleaner but in watching how they ‘guzzel’ down I am unsure how much water they need drawn in in order to tilt the head and swallow.

    1. Hens can definately drink from these types of waterers – there are several “nipple” types out on the market just for poultry! Be sure that the access the waterer is unrestricted and that the birds can drink fresh, clean cool water at all times.

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