Rhode Island Red Chickens: What’s the scoop?

Looking to add crazy-good egg production to your flock? Then Rhode Island Red Chickens are the gals you’ve been searching for!

This breed produces large, brown eggs, with roughly 260 eggs produced annually! With all of these great attributes, this popular breed is sure to keep your coop happy.

Rhode Island Red Chickens

3 Replies to “Rhode Island Red Chickens: What’s the scoop?”

  1. Mine are 17 months old and have stopped laying. I get maybe 3 eggs a week from 5 birds. They went through a moult months ago.

  2. The hens are fine but Rhode Island Red roosters are sneaky boogers that will hide around a corner and nail you when you least expect it. They hit hard and hurt.

    1. Good tip Fred! It’s always interesting to see the personality traits that come with certain breeds!

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