Why Feed Oyster Shell to Chickens?

Wondering if your chickens need oyster shell in their diet? Watch the video below to learn why Nutrena Poultry Consultant Twain Lockhart advises, “When in doubt, put it out.”

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5 Replies to “Why Feed Oyster Shell to Chickens?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was just wondering if my girls need oyster shell, now hoping I can find it at my local feed store. They do not carry Nutrena products but perhaps they have a different brand i can try. Thanks.

  2. I love your tips for chickens and I love all the pictures you post. Thanks for having a great website!!

  3. My girls seem to really like oyster shells, I just fill up a bowl and replenish it as needed.

  4. How much oyster shell do I add to feed? The directions say 100 lbs of shell per ton of feed. I have 6 peeps currently. they are laying great.

    1. Hi there! Actually, your best bet when feeding oyter shell is to offer it free choice in a separate container. The birds will take what they need – a little bit will go a long way for 6 birds! Good Luck!

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